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Holiday Greetings Christmas Cards

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Verse: Like snowflakes falling, twisting and turning gently swirling until they touch the ground, may holiday peace descend upon you. warming your heart, spreading joy all around. With brilliant trees glowing and merriment growing, may everything happy fill your heart and soul. May laughter and friendship always surround you, like snowflakes falling, a joy to behold Happy Holidays

  • 15 Cards 5" x 7" (Gold Foil Accents)
  • 16 Envelopes (Gold Foil Inside)
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Afrocentric Christmas & Holiday Cards are the flavor of the season!. Our cards have uplifting greeting cards for all styles and personalities with an accompanying inspirational verse that makes for a rich religious and cultural experience. Stand out from the crowd with unique Afrocentric Christmas cards that exemplify Black culture in all its splendor! 


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